Thank you to the 15 students who have signed up or expressed an interest, the numbers for this club are excellent. The club will be taking place on Wednesday 11th, 18th 25th January and 1st and 8th of February – the dates have had to change due to availability. If there are any problems please let me know, I will be checking in with all pupils tomorrow morning to make sure they are clear what it happening.

Noah J5 Blue
Lucas R5 Blue
Yahya5 Blue
Caleb Asiedu5 Blue
Yaseen M5 Blue
Ebenezer O5 Blue
Yunus R5 Blue
Sanad5 Red
Kirtan5 Red
Haroon K5 Red
Bakary5 Red
Ali5 Red
Maddox5 White
Mohammed W5 White
Isah5 White

If there are any issues or if children cannot now attend, please let me know. Sorry for and confusion/ disruption caused.

Many thanks, Mr Rawlings

14 responses to “Year 5 Rugby Club WEDNESDAY – Update”

  1. Ayaan M.

    Sorry but i didnt check this and did not sign in as fast before anykne else did

  2. Awais W.

    I couldn’t fill in the form but Awais would like to attend the club as well please thanks (mum)

  3. Muhammed R.

    I couldn’t find it

  4. Isah C.

    I have a question is it gona be on the old weather pitch

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Hi Isah yes it will be on the all weather if it is dry, if it’s raining we’ll go on the MUGA.

  5. Ali A.

    I have submitted the form

  6. Isah C.

    I have completed the form

    1. Isah C.

      Mr Rawlings I have parents evening on the 16th friday

      1. Isah C.

        I don’t know beacuse I have parents evening next Friday

      2. Isah C.

        I mean I have it on Friday parents evening

  7. Najma O.

    Thanks for the information 😊😊

  8. Haroon K.

    Hi, my mum has submitted the form,, very excited to take part of playing πŸ‰ rugby.

  9. Mohammed W.

    I have completed the form

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