Today, we looked at the characters and learned how to empathise with them. We started the day by reading an extract from the book, when Gandalf invites the Dwarves to Bilbo’s house (without his knowledge) for an unexpected party. We thought about each character and how they felt and created a word bank. We then acted out each part and created a freeze frame. The chidren discussed about each character and created a Pic.Collage describing their feelings. They had a fantastic time and this helped them to understand and empathise with the characters. Take a look at their work.

Do you think Bilbo was right to be angry? Explain why.

12 responses to “Year 5- The Hobbit Ms Janjua’s Group”

  1. Samanta V.

    1. Do you think Bilbo was right to be angry? Explain why.
    Yes, because the Dwarves were annoying him, so he had to do the right thing. And he also got stressed when the Dwarves came in for the first time of his house.

  2. Sadiq A.

    Wow I like how you emphaise you”r still image

  3. Suraiyah A.

    I think it was right that Bilbo baggins to be angry that they just barged in his house made a mess and then left and would not even help cleaning

  4. Hasti M.

    I think Bilbo was right to be angry because the dwarves just barged in to his house and took all the food and also Gandalf pretended to be Bilbo wich is wrong

  5. Jaydon C.

    I feel that it was right to be angry at The dwarves because they barged in his house and destroyed it

  6. Zainab A.

    He got angry because the dwafes kept on coming to his house and they were messing his house although the were greedy.
    I liked this lesson

  7. Zahra A.

    I think bilbo was right to be angry because the dwarfs just came and ate all his food.And bilbo was trying to hide his feelings.

  8. Muhammad S.

    Bilbo was fustrated furious blue lonely

  9. Rubinio M.


  10. Abdurrahman K.

    Cool 😎

  11. Mehar R.

    I think in Bilbo right to be angry becuse his hose was mase

  12. Asim A.

    Yes he got angry because there Dawson at his house and ate all his food gando

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