Ms Janjua’s – Intervention Group

Hi Year 5, I hope you are well. I would like to start by saying welcome to a new academic year full of learning, hope and gaining. I am looking forward to teaching you and having fun. This week in English we started our new topic about Recounts. You learned about the features of a […]

Year 5… This is ME…

This week we have explored what it means to be me? We have learned that we are all unique individuals who work as a team and are united. This is a core value which we uphold at Broad Heath. Take a look at our video and leave a comment. What makes you unique?

6 Red Celebrating England…⚽️

Today, Year 6 celebrated England’s achievement of reaching the semi- finals in the Euro 2020’s. They had an amazing morning playing and developing their football skills and team building skills. The weather was perfect and we would like to wish England all the best for Sunday. Congratulations England and ‘It’s Coming HOME!!!!!!

6 Red – Shocking through Drayton Manor

What a lovely end to a challenging academic year. The children in Year 6 had the opportunity to visit one of their favourite theme parks ‘Drayton Manor in Staffordshire’ to celebrate their hard work and successes this year. The weather was on our side and the children had a fantastic time laughing and having fun. […]

Intervention Gallery

Hi Year 5, What a week it has been! Working from home brings about its challenges but I must say you have shown resilience and perseverance. We are proud of all the work you have produced this week. Well done everyone. Please take a look and be proud of your achievements. What did you enjoy […]

Ms J and Ms K’s Intervention Group 10AM and 11AM

This intervention is for Ms Janjua’s group and Ms Khan’s group (Names are below) Saffiyah, Xavier, Steven, Laura, Roma, Asilah, Kia, Reece, Rajbir, Qasim, Alina. Ayomide, Absi, Muhammad R, Ellie, James, Musab, Esha, Safwaan and Rhema. English at 10am– Ms Janjua Join English Zoom Meeting with Ms Janjua ID: 995 0075 6338 Password: A four […]

Ms Janjua’s Intervention Group

Hi Year 5, I hope you are all safe and well. After our SPaG lesson, some of you requested extra revision work for certain areas of SPaG. Below, I am setting you work about adverbs. Please complete all your work IN YOUR HOMEWORK BOOKS and UPLOAD on to the Sharepoint below. The following children are […]

6 White Celebrating Coventrian Day.

Year 6 have been celebrating Coventrian day by learning about the famous poet called Phillip Larkin – a Coventry born poet. The children analysed his poem and then created their own version. Alongside, this they created their own ‘toad’ and transformed him into a significant character representing Coventry – Mods and Rockers were famous in […]

5 Blue’s Localities Fieldwork

This half term we have been comparing Coventry and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Traditionally, children get the opportunity to travel to Stratford and carry out their field work. However, due to COVID-19 we were unable to do so we adapted our planning to ensure the children could apply similar learning skills to our wonderful city of Coventry. The […]

Ms Janjua’s intervention group

Hi Year 5, Well what can I say, what a busy term you have had. In English you have looked at the play called Macbeth by William Shakespeare. This was difficult to understand but you persevered and worked hard making progress. You explored the language, investigated themes within the play, described characters and used drama […]

Ms Janjua’s Group – Macbeth

Firstly, I would like to say how wonderful it is working with some of you in Year 5. You have made me feel very welcomed. I can see you are working very hard and making your teachers feel proud. This week In English, we have been learning about Macbeth and why it is classed as […]

Ms Janjua’s Group

This term the children have worked very hard during their group work with me. They have made progress in their learning. In English they have been learning about persuasive writing. The children learned about the features of persuasive writing and created their own healthy chocolate bar including an advert for it. Alongside this, they wrote […]

Year 6 Mayan Day – VR Sets

What a fantastic day we have had! We looked at the Mayans through the VR headsets and had the opportunity to experience how the Mayans lived. As a year group we learnt about how their temples were constructed, the various Gods and the architecture. Name different cities involved within the Maya Civilisation?

Home work – Spring 2 – Week 5

Good morning Year 6. Well done for persevering with Algebra, a new area of learning in Maths. However, you have shown resilience and continued to and work hard to understand the concept. As you know its Friday and the final piece of homework for this term. Below is your homework planner for this term. I […]

Home work – Spring 2 – Week 4

Good morning Year 6. Well done, it has been a tough week with Maths, learning about Percentages. However, you have persevered and work hard to understand the concept. As you know its Friday and homework is still part of the curriculum and must be completed each week. Below is your homework planner for this term. […]

Home work – Spring 2 – Week 3

Good afternoon Year 6. Well come back. It has been lovely to see you all and back to some normality. You have come back with a positive attitude to learn. As you know its Friday and homework is still part of the curriculum. Below is your homework planner for this term. I would like you […]

Ms Janjua’s Group – Week 2

The following children who are in my groups (please see names below) complete the work below. All work MUST be completed in your homework books and uploaded to the link below. Please could you comment on this blog to say you have done the work. There are also two Zoom call links for English and Maths today […]

😃Basic Skills – Week 5😃

Morning Year 6, I hope you are safe and well. Well done for completing last weeks Basic Skills. I was impressed with your work. Hopefully, this will be the last Basic Skills lesson on line. So lets give it one final push. You have a short comprehension to read and then answers the questions. Please present […]

Ms Janjua’s Group – Week 1

Hi Year 6 I hope you are all safe and well. I hope you all had a wonderful half term. We have made it to Spring 2, Hooray… but unfortunately we are still in Lock down. Lets hope its not for long. So, let us begin with our work. The following children who are in […]

Zoom Meeting – Ms Janjua

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are safe and well. I will be setting up a Zoom Meeting for 2.00 pm today. This is for my group and for anyone else who needs help with their work. This could be in English or Maths. Please join and i am more than happy to support […]

World Cancer Day

Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. Well what can I say, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all you lovely children that took part on World Cancer Day. Thank you for creating some outstanding posters, videos and messages. They loved them and have published them on their […]

✨ Ms Janjua’s Stars-✨Week 5

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well. Well done on achieving another excellent week of remote learning. In English, you have all finished writing your Balanced Arguments which some of you found tricky but continued to persevere. In Maths you have continued with fractions work, learning how to use BODMAS […]

Year 6- Wow Spring Homework – Week 5

Week 5 – Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well. As you know homework is still important and part of the curriculum. However, we are only focusing on the WOW homework this term I will be structuring the homework for each week which I would like you all to complete and upload […]