Avalanches in 6 White

This week in Topic, Year 6 have been learning about Avalanches and what causes them. The children had fun watching a video and then researching about them. Some of the children created a video showcasing what they learned. They made it funny. Enjoy. What are the four factors that cause an avalanche? Can you cause […]

Fertilising in 6 White

In Year 6 this half term the children will learning about ‘The Nature Library’ where they will be investigating the affect of fertilisers and how they affect the growth of plants. The children carried out an experiment where they planted radish seeds with a Fertiliser and without. They worked in groups and came up with […]

Dovedale 2019

Year 6’s annual trip to Dovedale was another success. It was a cold day but a fantastic day. Some children went a day in advance and had the opportunity to stay over and experience the beauty of the countryside. The children were super ambassadors and made sure were polite and respected the general public. A […]

6 Whites Reading Corner

Well come to 6 White’s Reading corner. The children are excited to use it and develop their love for reading. Come and have a look and see how the children will use this environment to help them become confident readers. How will the questions help you with your reading?

The Cures!!

As part of Topic, Year 6 has been learning about the deadly disease The Black Death. The disease that took the lives of many and the cures the people used to get rid of it. Year 6 had fun learning about them and creating some. It was brilliant to see the children’s reaction when Miss […]

Resilience in 6 White

Welcome back to a new academic year. Year 6 started the term with Art Week by looking at the word Resilience. They have learned and understood how the word is used in everyday life and how it affects them. They created some fabulous pieces of art using the word. They had the opportunity to listen […]

6 White’s Experience Art of Wonder

As part of Art Week Year 6 had the opportunity to visit The Herbert Art Gallery and visit Coventry Cathedral. They had the opportunity to see an artist called Julia Snowdin and listen to her story of how she became an artist and what it takes to be resilience. Alongside this they took time to […]

We’re making our mark!!

Wow, what a wonderful day it’s been meeting our new Year 6’s. The weather was beautiful and our new Year 6’s didn’t disappoint us. Take a look at what we did during transition day. We had fun and we are looking forward to September, working together and ‘making our mark’ What did you think of […]

Density in 5 Blue

Today in Science Year 5 looked at different liquids and their density. The liquids they experimented with were: oil, syrup, washing up liquid and water. They made a prediction and then poured each liquid separately in a beaker. Take a look at what happened. What was your conclusion? What did you find out? Was your […]

Wow Homework

This term in Literacy we have been learning about Macbeth by Shakespeare. Zara has enjoyed this unit and for homework she decided to create a scene from the book. The scene is where the three witches are plotting against Macbeth. Well done Zara we are really proud of you.

Wow Work in 5 Blue

During the Easter holidays we set some holiday homework for the children to write an adventure story. We are proud to say the work Safa produced was fabulous. She wrote her own story, consisting of 6 chapters, about five friends who go on an adventure and face many challenges. The story is well thought through […]

Macbeth in Year 5

In Year 5 we are starting the term by reading and learning about the story Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We have started rehearsals and the children are loving it. Over the next few weeks we will be putting up blogs for you to see our work in progress. Take look at our first set of […]

Year 4 Reading Gladiators

This term I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented Year 4 children – Reading Gladiators. The club was set up every Monday after school. The first book they read was called ‘Word of Mouse’. The children had fun reading it and the work they produced was fantastic. I have enjoyed working […]

5 Blue First Aid Training

Today 5 Blue got the opportunity to learn about first aid. They learned how to help and save a life. There was some great team work and questioning. Simon was very impressed with some of answers the children gave. Well done for representing Broad Heath. What did you learn? What is the number to call […]

5 Blue Hobbits

Some children from 5 Blue acted out a part from The Hobbit where Bilbo is asked to go on an adventure with Gandalf and the hobbits. On their adventure they meet monsters, trolls and the dragon. They fight the dragon and reclaim the gold. Well done all of you. What did you enjoy about 5is […]

Shape Week 5 Blue

This week has been Project Week and it has been about shape. The children have enjoyed learning about shape and also learning about inspirational maths. They have solved some difficult problems and persevered to find the answers. They enjoyed working out the clues to find their treasure. A fun week full of learning and solving […]

5 Blue’s Music Week

Year 5 have been learning about music in the 1970’s. They have been learning about different rhythms and melodies which made a lot so songs famous during this era. 5 Blue chose the song YMCA by an American band called The Village People. They had fun learning the song and putting actions to it. They […]

5 Blue’s Sole Project

This term 5 Blues’s Sole Project was all about researching about The Village People. They were looking at the 1970’s and each class were given a song from this era. 5 Blues song was called YMCA by The Village People. Welldone

Year 5 Portfolio Spring 1

Hi Year 5 What a busy term it has been. You have all worked extremely hard, learning new skills and grasping multiplication which some of you found difficult. Have a look at your learning. Tell us what you enjoyed and what you did not enjoy? How can we improve? What would you like to learn? […]

DT in 5 Blue

In DT the children have been looking at making their own Victorian Moving Toys without using electricity. They first understood the concept of how these toys moved during this period. Then they designed their toys and made a list of the equipment needed. Finally they made their toys which they found tricky but persevered. They […]

5 Blue’s Oliver Display

Well I kept to my promise 5 Blue. Hereis your Oliver Twist display. I was really impressed with the quality of your writing and drawings. Well done. I hope you like it? What do you think? Did you enjoy reading the story of Oliver Twist? What was the best part of the story? What was […]

Back in Time

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Black Country Museum yesterday. They visited through the museum learning about Victorian Britain. Despite it being very cold they had a lovely time learning and understanding how Britain was during the Victorian times. Have a look. Did you enjoy the trip and why? What did you learn. […]


Hi Year 5, This week we have been learning about multiplication. Some of you have found this tricky. To consolidate your learning I am setting you a few sums to do. Please have a go in you homework book or on a piece of paper. I want to see the working out so I know […]