5 Blue’s Sole Project

This term 5 Blues’s Sole Project was all about researching about The Village People. They were looking at the 1970’s and each class were given a song from this era. 5 Blues song was called YMCA by The Village People. Welldone

Year 5 Portfolio Spring 1

Hi Year 5 What a busy term it has been. You have all worked extremely hard, learning new skills and grasping multiplication which some of you found difficult. Have a look at your learning. Tell us what you enjoyed and what you did not enjoy? How can we improve? What would you like to learn? […]

DT in 5 Blue

In DT the children have been looking at making their own Victorian Moving Toys without using electricity. They first understood the concept of how these toys moved during this period. Then they designed their toys and made a list of the equipment needed. Finally they made their toys which they found tricky but persevered. They […]

5 Blue’s Oliver Display

Well I kept to my promise 5 Blue. Hereis your Oliver Twist display. I was really impressed with the quality of your writing and drawings. Well done. I hope you like it? What do you think? Did you enjoy reading the story of Oliver Twist? What was the best part of the story? What was […]

Back in Time

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Black Country Museum yesterday. They visited through the museum learning about Victorian Britain. Despite it being very cold they had a lovely time learning and understanding how Britain was during the Victorian times. Have a look. Did you enjoy the trip and why? What did you learn. […]


Hi Year 5, This week we have been learning about multiplication. Some of you have found this tricky. To consolidate your learning I am setting you a few sums to do. Please have a go in you homework book or on a piece of paper. I want to see the working out so I know […]

5 Blue Superstars 💫

5 Blue have had a real focus on teamwork this week. They worked together as a class to make sensible decisions on classroom etiquette and all shared their views on how we could make life in Year 5 even better. As always, some children went above and beyond so this week our class winners were […]

Celebrating 5 Blues Successes

5 Blue are a lovely class who work hard every day. They have a positive mindset to succeed. They have worked extremely hard during Autumn and would like to take the opportunity to share their successes with you. To show you learning is determination, focus, making mistakes, having fun and gaining. Enjoy and wish you […]

Nando’s Nando’s Nando’s

Here is the video of our wonderful trip to Nando’s. Miss Starkey has already blogged about our fantastic experience. I would just like to say your manners and behaviour were brilliant. Well done for representing Broad Heath.  Also a huge thank you to Sunnaf’s mum for coming along and supporting us. Finally we would like […]

Literary Figures Week – Floella Benjamin

This Week Project Week has been about Literary Figures. Year 5 have been learning about Floella Benjamin and her book called ‘Coming to England’. The book is a rollercoaster ride of her journey in Trinidad to England. Year 5 have enjoyed reading the book and learning about her life. They have had fun carrying out […]

How to follow instructions 👍🏽

Year 5 have been learning  about instructional texts and the features. They have looked at a variety of texts and planning their own instructions. Today some children watched how Chocolate cornflakes were made and wrote their own set of instuctions including many features such as imperative verbs, sequential ordering and numbering. Don’t worry 5 Blue- everyone […]

5Blue Superstars

Hi Year 5, Here are our winners from last week and this week. Everyone is a winner but these children deserve an extra applause. They are Amaan for remaining focused and trying really hard with his Literacy work, Umaiyah for always being polite and helpful, Umar for investigating about numbers, Zara for working hard with […]

Football Fever Maths 6 Red

This morning Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in a practical activity involving Maths and Football. As it’s Football Fever we thought it would be lovely to link the learning and watch children have fun and Gain. The objective was to take ten shots to work out fractions and percentages. Did you have […]

New Year 6 Bus

On Friday Year 6 were officially allowed to “Chill Out” in their new bus. The bus is designed for Year 6 to go in and have some “Me” time. Another great idea by Mrs Frankish. Take a look and tell us what you thought? Did you like it and why?

Year 6 – Drayton Manor

Hi Year 6 Another Year and another Year group…. Our trip to Drayton Manor. What an amazing day, beautiful weather, great company, super well behaved children and wonderful parents/sibling support. Everyone had a fantastic day. It was wonderful to see the children laughing and smiling after a hectic few weeks (SATs) Also Year 6 would […]

Year 6 SATs Party

It’s that time of the year again…. Party Time!!!! Well Done Year 6. You have worked extremely hard during these SATs with a positive attitude ‘ To Gain’ Now you can relax and enjoy the fun. A lovely day full of smiles and laughter.

Ready for SATs

D Day is nearly upon us and Year 6 have been working hard revising and getting ready. We are all proud of you for the time and effort you have put into your learning. See for yourself.   We wish you all the best. Good luck Year 6               […]


In Science Week, Year 6 have been learning about the Polar Regions. They have carried out various experiments throughout the week. Alongside this they have also had fun experimenting with ice and making their own Slushies.   Did you enjoy your drink and how could you make it better next time? Are there any flavours […]

6 Red’s Science Experiment

Today 6 Red carried out an experiment where they investigated the best shaped hull to break through ice. They used a tray full of sand to represent water, a plastic pot as a ship, weights and play dough. They had fun understanding and learning about forces and the way objects are pulled due to force. […]

Ken Dodd

          This morning I woke up to some sad news. Sir Kenneth Arthur Dodd, OBE was an English comedian, singer-songwriter and actor, identified by his unruly hair and protruding teeth, his red, white and blue “tickling stick” and his upbeat greeting of “How tickled I am!” died at the age of […]

Chocolate Glorious Chocolate

Today Year 6 had a special visitor called Carl from The Ministry of Chocolate. They learned about the history of chocolate, tasting chocolate and creating their own chocolate. This is part of their topic on Mayans which they will be learning about this term. They had lots of fun. What did you enjoy the most?

Year 6 Portfolios Spring 1

Hi Everyone, It’s portfolio time…. we have had a very busy and productive term. You have made great progress and it is so good to see your enthusiasm toward the SATs. Keep going and not long to go. Have a look at what you have achieved and learned this year. Tell us what you enjoyed […]

6 Red – Building Bridges

This term in Art Year 6 have been looking at developing and creating their own bridges. They first researched about different bridges and their durabilities. They looked at different design conditions for the construction of their bridges. They worked brilliantly as a team and had great fun. Have a look and tell us what you […]

Crazy Coordinates

In Maths today, 6Red learned about coordinates, how to read them and solve a treasure hunt. Number cards were placed around the school grounds and the children were given different coordinates to locate them. They had so much fun learning in a practical way. Maths made fun… Also thank you very much Nuh for helping […]