Have fun this half term with these challenges – try to stretch yourself! Your answers need to be in your homework books, not on the blog, or on poster paper!

Bronze Challenge:


Silver Challenge:


Gold Challenge:


9 responses to “Year 6 Autumn 2 Maths Challenge”

  1. Hammad A.

    i have completed my maths work

  2. Arafath A.

    I have completed my math homework.

  3. Kevin R.

    I have completed the maths challenge in my book.

  4. Lawy A.

    I need help with gold and also silver question – What if there are 4 rows of 5 igloos ?

    1. Head Teacher

      Try drawing out the problems Lawy.

  5. Muhammad B.

    I uave completes it.

    1. Muhammad B.

      I have completed it.

  6. Esa M.

    I have done it.

  7. Zainab A.

    I have done my maths challenge up to gold.
    I will bring it in as soon as possible
    I have also did my reading challenge on that blog as well

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