Year 6 citizenship skills

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In what way has a Y6 child helped you today?

This blog will be responded to by the Y6 children.

72 thoughts on “Year 6 citizenship skills

  1. As a year 4 year 6 helped me learn all my times table and I am grateful for them sadly idk their name but I am happy now know all my times table

  2. I have helped people in year 1 I was listening to them how to read and they were doing great and then after I was helping miss so well done to the year 1’s

  3. In my class I have very much enjoyed working with khadijah.I liked helping her with her spellings and reading .Also she is very polite and kind

  4. In year 1 I have enjoyed working with Ella and Evie with their shapes and their phonics.They have made so much progress since I first helped them well done you to very proud.

  5. Miss Ostick sent an email to my teacher as I was helping reign so I am very proud of myself and I really enjoy helping the Year 1 Red in their reading, blogging, spellings and homework. I can’t wait to work with them for the rest of the years.

  6. I think year 6 helped a lot especially zaid because he helped a lot outside the classroom and I know my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 all because of zaid.

  7. Year 6 have been so helpful. They have supported the children in year 3 with reading and learning their times tables. I was blown away by how mature, kind and respectful they are too!

  8. Sabah and Aayan were extremely helpful this morning by helping to hear some of the children in Reception Red read. They were so caring and thoughtful in the way they supported and encouraged the children.
    Thank you very much

  9. As six blue we work as a team . our class went round to diffrent places as some teachers needed surpport but they showed a ciztenship as being a roll model

  10. I was not helped but I get happy once I see them helping kids from my class very good Y6 keep it up and good luck on getting your SATS scores

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