The following students have been taking part in dance workshops and have been invited to take part in our year 6 after school dance club. They have all really enjoyed the in – school learning and it would be great to have all of them take part in the afterschool club. It takes place on Thursday 10th, 17th, 24th November and 1st and 8th December. Please can an adult from all the following children complete the form below.

Amelia, Japji, Hasti, Hasan, Abdulrahman, Serina, Kaif, Jaydon, Sheik, Afreen, Safa, Lawy, Sana, Zak D

Many thanks.

9 responses to “Year 6 Dance Club”

  1. Japji K.

    I did the form but I cant come sorry but I will practice at home.

  2. Kaif B.

    I have completed the form Mr Rawlings

  3. Muhammad S.

    i have singhed the form mr rawlings

  4. Muhammad S.

    I have singhed the form Mr rawling

  5. Hasan S.

    I will definitely do it

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Brilliant thanks Hasan.

  6. Kaif B.

    Mr rawlings the form is not working

    1. Head Teacher

      We are sorting it don’t worry.

    2. Mr Rawlings

      Hi Kaif, thanks for the early reply. I have fixed the problem and it will work fine now. See you tomorrow.

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