Year 6 Dovedale Trip 4.10.22 – Tomorrow

As many of you are aware, our annual visit to Dovedale will be taking place this year! This is a great opportunity for the children to try something new and tackle new challenges.

Tuesday 4th October
Arrive to school at 7:30am
for a prompt 7:45am departure
Collect from school at 5:00pm
(Hanford Close)

What do I wear?

PE kit
(Walking boots or trainers with strong grip and ankle support)
Waterproof jacket: It will be windy and wet! (You must remain dry, once you become wet you will get colder throughout the day)
Warm clothes: Jumpers, woolly hat, waterproof gloves for grip
Backpack: To store lunch, drink and healthy snacks

Children should wear comfortable and sensible clothes suitable for hill/mountain walking.

Please remember to bring a carrier bag!

What will I eat?
Children who normally have a school dinner, will be given a packed lunch from school. Children can bring additional snacks/water but this should not be excessive as children will be expected to carry their bags with them all day. Children who normally bring a packed lunch should bring a lunch to school as normal.

Rich in carbohydrates and protein so children have the energy to climb the mountain!

Can I take money?
There will be no need for money as there are no shops on site.
No money, no electronics or games.

30 thoughts on “Year 6 Dovedale Trip 4.10.22 – Tomorrow

    • Hi Manvi – it does say PE kit, warm jumper / fleece, waterproof jacket.
      Maybe it isn’t clear above. I will end it now to make this stand out more.

  1. Thank you for the info I can’t wait to go to dovedale 😁👍.
    But who is the 12 children that is going to dovedale but stay there overnight?

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