Just a reminder that Year 6’s Graduation Ceremony is tomorrow (Thursday 20th). We will be starting at 1:45pm prompt. Please arrive by 1:30pm.
The children must wear school uniform.
We look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate.

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  1. Hasan S.

    I like to say Mrs Frankish thank you for your hard work

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you x

  2. Mahmuda C.

    Thank you for the information

  3. Khairy S.

    Thank you for the information

  4. Abraham E.

    Ok thank you for the information

  5. Afreen S.

    Thank you for the information

  6. Kevin Rowlatt

    Thanks for the information

  7. Asim A.

    Ok thank you

  8. Muhammad B.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. Surinder J.

    Thanks for the information. I’m so excited!

  10. Emma-Nicolle S.

    ( :

  11. Azaan H.

    Thanks for the info

  12. Zaeem S.

    Ok can’t wait

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