Year 6 London Trip 08.02.23

Hello all
Here are the details for our forthcoming trip to London.

7:15am – Arrive in school via Hanford Close.
We will be departing at 7:30am sharp. Do not be late!!

When we arrive in London, we will be spending a few hours at the Houses of Parliament. We will have a guided tour and, hopefully, the opportunity to meet with our local MP – Colleen Fletcher.
Once we have finished here, we will then take the children to see some of the main sites in London – we will visit: Buckingham Palace, Cenotaph & Downing Street and The London Eye & The Jubilee Gardens. There will be lots of walking but the children will gain a lot from the experience.

7pm – Arrive back in Coventry
We are aiming to be back in Coventry for 7pm. Pick up will be from the Hanford Close entrance.
Staff will update the blog on the way home if this time changes because of traffic.

Child must be collected.

*Please wear your school uniform. This is so we are able to identify you in a large crowd.
*Wear comfortable, practical shoes for walking.
*It will be cold. Please bring, a hat, scarf, gloves and a warm coat.
*You will need a backpack to carry your things. You will have this with you all day.
*Bring food. We will eat at 10:30am and again at 1:45pm. You will need to bring lunch with you. Those who are entitled to a free school meal will be provided with a lunch.
Please send extra food with your children. They will be provided with chances to eat.
*With that, ensure they have a drink with them.
*Please bring a plastic bag with you (like you did for Dovedale) so that you can sit on it in the park if it is wet.

There is a 30p charge to use the toilets in London. Please can your child bring some change with them – up to the value of £2 (preferable in 20p and 10p’s).

If your child need travel sickness tablets administering for the return journey, please speak to your child’s teacher on Monday or Tuesday.


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