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Year 6 Portfolios Spring 1

Hi Everyone,

It’s portfolio time…. we have had a very busy and productive term. You have made great progress and it is so good to see your enthusiasm toward the SATs. Keep going and not long to go.

Have a look at what you have achieved and learned this year. Tell us what you enjoyed and learned?

Have fun and a safe holiday.

See you in Spring 2

Mrs Jones and Ms Janjua


5 thoughts on “Year 6 Portfolios Spring 1

  1. Fantastic learning, Year 6! We are very proud of all you have achieved. Have a good rest over the half term break so you can GAIN even more next term!

  2. I have had lots of fun this term it was really exciting as we were writing a monster calls parts of the scene.Thank you teachers for supporting us and we have made s huge amount of progress throughout our lessons.

  3. Wow I have enjoyed this term as I have further progressed my writing and now have become a more stronger writer when given a piece of work. I have also knew how to apply appropriate phrases into my work for the intended audience that are reading or watching my work. This English topic had also made me a confident performer as I now know how to act without laughing and this was one of the top thing that I wanted to improve on when coming into year 6. Overall Allan he subjects have been really nice and I hope we have more fun like this after the holidays!!!!.

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