This half term we will be running a weekend sports clubs for the children in Year 6 again. The intention of these sessions is to give students more opportunities to get active outside of school, whilst continuing the learning they have done in the classroom.

There will be 5 sessions. The will start at 11:00 and finish at 11:55am. The first session will be on Saturday 12th, 19th, 26th November and 3rd and 10th December. Students should be dropped off and collected from the Webster Park gates.

If you would like your child to attend, please complete the following form. Spaces are limited and are given out on a first come, first served basis.

Children do not need to wear PE kits, but must wear trainers and sports clothes. It would be great so see the children down again after the success of the last club. Any problems, just ask.

29 responses to “Year 6 Saturday Club”

  1. Prisha T.

    I have filled in the form Mr Rawlings!

    1. Head Teacher

      Prisha- I hope you are still still up at nearly midnight on a school day, we all need our sleep.

  2. Lillie S.

    I filled the form when It came up

  3. Zainab A.

    Thanks for information

  4. Maryam G.

    I have filled in the form!

  5. Muhammad B.

    I have completed the form.

  6. Samanta V.

    I will ask my mum for this.

  7. Muhammad S.

    I have signed the form I can’t wait

  8. Aatifa A.

    I have completed the form!
    I am looking forward to this club!

  9. Kaif B.

    I signed in the form for Saturday club

  10. Ismaeel K.

    Great I have filled out the form I can’t wait!!!!

  11. Muhammad B.

    I will decide on this with my parents. It would be lovely to come again.

  12. Kevin R.

    I have done the form,Mr Rawlings can’t wait.

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Well done captain Kev, look forward to seeing you there!

      1. Kevin R.

        can’t wait to see you there buddy see you tomorrow

  13. Samik S.

    I have completed the form
    I am looking forward to this!!

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Brilliant, thank you Samik! I look forward to seeing you there.

  14. Safa M.

    Did u say 17th September ? Mrs Shilton said it was this Saturday and September is a few months away

    1. Head Teacher

      It is this Saturday.

    2. Mr Rawlings

      Ha yeah you’d be in year 7 by then! Thank you for that Safa, you are right we start on Saturday.

      1. Safa M.

        Ok thank you ! Have a great day

  15. Safa M.

    I completed the form

  16. Serina I.

    I filled out the form

  17. Muhammed A.

    I have completed the form

  18. Zakariya K.

    I signed in

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Brilliant, you were great last time, great to have you again.

  19. Aaminah A.

    I have filled on the form! I can go!

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Get news! Thank you Aaminah.

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