8 thoughts on “Year 6 – Saturday School

  1. I really enjoy Saturday classes because they have different subjects.there is maths,literacy/reading,drama.my favourite is literacy/reading with Mrs Frankish.I am writing about the reading sessions. I have developed my recalling and scanning skills.

  2. Dear Mrs Frankish,

    I am writing to inform you that I am really enjoyed the Saturday class and I am looking forwards towards the coming session which are approaching.Also thank you for all the support and help you and other members off staff gave us and for all the extra opportunities you gave us ; year 6 pupils. The overwhelming support was helpful because we learnt and had a little joke at the same time this was amazing and really helpful. Moreover I would like to thank all the people who participated to make this happen and thank you to the staff which gave up their time to help us and make us achieve brilliant sats results.

    Furthermore, I would especially like to thank your or the help and brilliant learning you tought us and the new amazing words which were high level and we learnt and had a laugh at the same time. Finally thank you for all the help you gave us.

    From Ahsan Khan 6M

  3. All I ask of every student is that they give their best. All teachers at Broad Heath want you to achieve so that you can positively contribute to society.

  4. I am going to be writing about the reading sessions. I have developed my recalling and scanning skills. We have done this by reading the text remembering key information and then answering the questions. We have been preparing for the SAT’s in these sessions by answering level 4,5 or 6 questions in the time given and we have been getting faster. The experience is very good and is helping everyone get closer to acheiving their high levels.
    A big thank you to Mrs Frankish and all the other teachers who help.
    :) :)

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