Year 6 Sports Champions Dodgeball Tournament

“Sometimes, it’s not always the best team that wins.”

On Thursday 31st of March, students in year 6 represented their class in the 3rd round of the Sports Champions competition. This time, they were taking part in dodgeball which started out in pleasant conditions, then became as dramatic as did the weather around it.

The tournament started off in a best of 3 round robin. 6 Red started off with a 2-1 win against 6 White, who in tern ran out 2-1 winners against 6 Blue. 6 Red then returned to the court to round off an impressive group stage with a 3-0 win against 6 Blue. This saw them book their place in the final, with 6 Blue and White in the semi’s.

In the semi-final there was somewhat of an upset in terms of an unexpected result. After loosing to them in the group stage, 6 Blue managed an impressive 2-0 win to send them through to the final. Here, they faced 6 Red in the final, but surely they wouldn’t beat the team who trounced them 3 – 0 in the groups would they?

Well, in a one off game, anything can happen, including snow! Maybe it was the inclement conditions, maybe it was the pressure of the final or maybe the sporting gods wanted a Hollywood ending, but 6 Blue indeed became surprise winners and retained the Sports Champion’s trophy.

As well as being a wonderful story, today’s tournament taught many people a valuable lesson. You might not be the best, but every now and again with a bit of luck and a lot of resilience and tenacity, you could come out on top for a change. Well done to all the participants, and in particular the sports leaders from each class who helped the tournament run so smoothly.

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  1. well done year six you guys are so lucky to do a tournament because you all train hard and you always try your best in all the things you do!🥳

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