This term a number of students from year 6 have been working towards their school sports leader award. As part of this they have been asked to support at an after school club. The following students have said they can support on different days;

Monday 3:15 – 3:55 Lawy, Mohanned

Wednesday 3:15 – 3:55 Fatimah, Aatifa, Saee, Maryam, Kaif

Saturday 9:50 – 12:00 – Luxor, Aayan, Safa, Shazad, Hasan.

Can all those selected please complete the form below to say if they can or cannot support on those different date or times.

Many thanks.

13 responses to “Year 6 Sports Leaders – Autumn 2”

  1. Safa M.

    Can I do it on Mondays instead ?
    My mum is a bit busy taking me to Saturday club and taking my brothers to football so she said Monday is a better day
    Should I sign up for it and write Monday ?

  2. Safa M.

    Mr Rawlings I also signed up for Saturday club but how do I do this to if this is at 9:50 to 12:00 when saturday club is I think 11:00 or 10:00

  3. Bilal H.

    Sorry 😞

  4. Bilal H.

    So I’m able to come.

  5. Bilal H.

    My mum has filled the form.

  6. Fatimah K.

    I will fill in the the form.

  7. Hasan S.

    when is it

  8. Luxor A.

    I have filled in my form for sarturday

    1. Luxor A.

      I will be able to come.

  9. Aayan M.

    My mum has filled in the form.

    1. Aayan M.

      So I will be able to come.

  10. Aatifa A.

    Thank you for the information and i have completed the form.

    1. Mr Rawlings

      No problem Aatifa, thank you for helping.

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