Today children used their sensory skills and super detective skills to hunt down a hidden eggs.
Well done to everyone who took part in egg hunt

Early Years



Were you lucky enough to find an egg today?

14 responses to “🐣Easter Egg Hunt! 🐣”

  1. Abigail F.


  2. Ilyas K.

    I answer is well why is there not 6 blue sorry for copping and i am so sorry that i done it to late

    1. Mrs Morris

      6 Blue took part in the egg hunt. There is not a whole group photo of them but I can see children from that class in some of the action shots and an individual photo of a member from that class. Hope this helps.

  3. Roshaan K.

    sorry it was a typing error.
    I like the easter egg hunt a lot

  4. Naksh P.

    I had so fun finding the eggs some eggs were easy to find some were bit easy and hard to find and some were hard to find I found the egg one the cone and that was easy to find

  5. Latifa A.

    I can’t see 6 blue

  6. Freya S.

    I loved the Easter egg hunt 😋

  7. Manha S.

    It was soo fun
    I loved it
    I didn’t even went into the library and I saw a egg

  8. Tala I.

    I am happy that I found my egg

  9. Sara M.

    I enjoyed hiding all the Easter eggs it was so fun.

  10. Mahid H.

    Yaaaaaaaa i hunt my egg 🐣

  11. Mithunshan R.

    Mithunshan liked his Chocolate Egg and he enjoyed well.

  12. Mrs Morris

    Another successful egg hunt. Well done, everyone!

  13. Zayan J.

    Yes we were lucky I like the the chocolate egg 👍.

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