1 Blue are blossoming to Greatness

1 Blue have had a spectacular week, full of fun and exciting learning. This week in English, the children looked at the story of Rama and Sita’. They sequenced the story and created some marvellous missing person posters. In Maths, the children look at subtraction by crossing out. In Science, they looked closely at Autumn, where they went on a nature walk to find different signs of Autumn. In Design and Technology, the children created the background for their moving picture.

What was your favourite activity this week? why?
What happened in the story of Rama and Sita?
What happen to Sita?
Solve these sums using the crossing out method- 8-5= 10-3= 7-4=. 12-7=
Name 3 things you saw on your Autumn walk? Can you write a simple sentence?
What happened in the story of Guy Fawkes?
Which day do we remember his story on?

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  1. 1. I like Autumn walk, because I learned so many new things.
    2. First Rama and Sita was together, they loved each other. Later Sita lost in the forest and King kidnapped her. Rama was looking for her everywhere and asked monkeys for help. Monkeys build the bridge and they went to the island to found Sita. Rama shouted magic arrow on King and they saved Sita. They was back together again.
    3. 8-5=3
    4. I saw so many colourful leafs, many twigs and wildflowers.
    5. We remember about Guy Fawkes on Bonfire night. He was trying to blow up kings castle.

  2. Sita got to kidnapped by the evil demon.
    She was find in the jungle.
    Amina find the leavs thing. Berries.
    Amina said rama and sita was goto the jungle
    One day sita is kidnapped by the ramen .
    And she said to the monkey King he find to the sita.
    Monkey going to the run in to the bridge he find to sita in raman brother house.
    I remember iwatch this story in diwali assembly.
    One day a day is Friday the guy fawkes drinking tea and they kill so many solider.
    The Guy fawkes is very naughty because he kill the king .
    The Guy fawkes arrested he going to the jail.
    Amina solved the mathed in home work book.

  3. Ebrar like autumn walk activity
    Because she saw too many diffrent leafs
    Sita and rama out to the forest and ravana came deer and sita saw him he want to help him. He dont want help him. Sita said to rama help him and we round him

  4. Ameya liked Math activity (subtraction) and Autumn walk. She did tell about story of Rama and Sita. Also, she was able to retell the story at home. Rama and Sita were living a happy life together. Ravana, the king of Lanka had kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka. Rama was very sad and he started searching for Sita with the help of his brother Lakshmana. With the help of his favourite devotee Hanuman, Rama came to know that Sita is at Ravana’s palace in Lanka. Rama decided to fight with Ravana to get Sita back. Finally, Rama had defeated (killed) Ravana and brought Sita back to his palace.

    8-5=3 10-3=7 7-4=3 12-7=5

    I saw brown, yellow and red leaves, some twigs and wild berries.

    Guy Fawkes – few men (gun powder plots) making a clever plan to blow-up Parliament house to kill King James. They think after killing the king they could take over the rule the church and country.

  5. What was your favourite activity this week? why?
    I liked to create the background picture because I like to draw.
    What happened in the story of Rama and Sita?
    Ravna took Sita in a flying carriage and then when he was at his castle all the monkey and Rama come to save Sita. Then he shoots Ravna and then they live happy again.
    What happen to Sita?
    Sita got kidnapped by Ravna.
    Solve these sums using the crossing out method- 8-5= 10-3= 7-4=. 12-7=
    Completed in homework book.
    Name 3 things you saw on your Autumn walk?
    Red leaves, yellow leaves, brown leaves, leaves falling from trees.
    What happened in the story of Guy Fawkes?
    Guy Fawkes had gun powder and he tried to blow up the building.
    Which day do we remember his story on?
    Bonfire night and on top of the fire they make people and pretend it’s Guy Fawkes but it’s not real people!

  6. I enjoyed making the poster because it would help find Sita.
    Rama and Sita were together in the woods. Then they went out the woods and Sita got kidnapped by Ravna.
    8-5=3, 10-3=7, 7-4=3,
    We saw leaves and twigs.

  7. Adam said he really enjoyed going for walk around the playground to find autumn things. Adam said first Rama and Sita was in the jungle and the King banished them from the jungle. One day Sita got kidnapped by Ravana. Ramana asked the monkey King to find Sita and they made a bridge and had to run across the bridge and they found Ravana. Ramana was running across the bridge and used the magic arow and shot Ravana in the forhead which Ravana died. They said yes. They found Sita at Deman Castle and then they went to Ramana brothers house.
    What had happened to Sita was she got kidnapped by the evil Deman Ravana. She was then found in the Jungle by Ramana.
    Completed sums in homework book.
    Adam said he found twigs, leaves and berries.
    Guy Fawkes – The mouse was walking and thought he found cheese and it wasnt cheese it was candle. Then the king got very angry because he was eating the candle but he didnt get burnt because it wasn’t lighten up. The Guy Fawkes was drinking tea and he wanted to kill the king because the mouse was being naughty and the soldier seen the Guy Fawkes and the guy Fawkes he quickly lighten up the gun powder and it was underneath the mud where the king was and it caught the king and he died. The soldier got all the Guy fawkes friend and Guy fawke and put them into jail because they killed the king. It was on Friday.

  8. Rama and sita the were living a happy,peaceful life until the terrible Demon king,Ravana,started.
    In last of story hoping to come back to his waiting wife,Rama.
    Monkey king hanuman.they quickly formed agreat friendship and hanuman agreed to help Rama find sita.

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