1 Blue visit the Mosque

This week 1 Blue have been looking closely at Islamic art. Today the children walked to the Mosque to look at the the beautiful Islamic art displayed. At the mosque we looked at the repeating geometric patterns that were in the decor and in the carpet designs. They also talked about which shapes they could see around the mosque. The children listened carefully and respected the information that was shared.

Have a look below to see the children’s walk.

Mrs Raja-Khan would like to thank the staff, children and families for being so respectful today. We are a school that is proud of our community and every individual within it. Respect and teamwork are just two of our values. We did not add the information to the blog but all visits are on the school calendar, so please check regularly.

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  1. Adam said he had lots of fun visiting the mosque.. Adam said he seen lots of different patterns and there was carpet where people pray to God. He would like to say massive thank you to his teachers for taking him.

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