1B Celebrate Jubilee Day!

The Queen has devoted her life to public service for 70 years! Today, 1Blue celebrate The Queen for simply being the BEST!

Today, 1Blue learned lots about Her Majesty, The Queen. Because my little superstars are brilliant artists, they used line and watercolours to draw and paint a portrait of The Queen. They would fit right in with Her Majesty’s personal art collection! What do you think?

After a short while, my little superstars kept their creative heads on by making a top hat/ a fascinator for their very own afternoon ’Epsom Derby’ horse race!

What a GREAT day! What did you enjoy most?

2 thoughts on “1B Celebrate Jubilee Day!

  1. I have been smiling throughout this class blog, it shows what an amazing day you all had. The adults definitely ensured that they planned a day that will have lasting memories!

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