1B SMSC-My ideas about God…

During our learning today we learnt that Christian people believe there is one God, the Creator and ruler of the Universe. Some people believe in God or Gods and others choose not to.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas. I asked Mrs Patel the translation of what Riya had shared and it is “God bless us”. Please remember to be the best individual that you can, whether you believe in God or not!

We talked about and tried to answer: 1. Do you think there is a God/Gods? 2. What do you think God does? 3. Where do you think God is?

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2 responses to “1B SMSC-My ideas about God…”

  1. Samuel N.

    Yes there is a God living among us

  2. Ameera K.

    Yes,there is a God. He helps people’s and he lives in the sky.

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