1R Trip to St John’s House

Off we went on the coach to Warwick to visit St John’s House museum.

First we practised our handwriting using chalk and slates like Victorian children. We played some Victorian games too!

Next it was time for Victorian school. It was VERY different to Broad Heath! Can you tell me why?

There were some very interesting artefacts in the museum.

We then learnt the differences between houses owned by rich, wealthy people and houses owned by poorer (normal!) people. It was great to get involved, acting as different members of the households.

Finally, we learnt about Victorian laundry. Everything was so much more hard work in the Victorian days. They didn’t even have washing machines! Can you tell me how the Victorians cleaned their clothes?

Huge thanks to Aryan’s mum and Azra’s dad for their support!

What did you enjoy most?
What did you learn about life in the Victorian days?

2 responses to “1R Trip to St John’s House”

  1. Sarah A.

    I Loved the trip wow

  2. Logan Brace

    Logan said amazing and he loved the trip.

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