2 Red- Health Week

What an exciting week we have had in 2Red! We have been learning about the heart and why it is an important part of our body.

We make predictions and tested what happened to our heart when we exercised. What did we find out?

We made a model of blood to help us to understand what it is made out of. What is our blood made out of? What job does each of these blood cells have?

We have taken part in lots of different exercise to help us to keep our heart healthy.

2 Red, how else can you keep your heart healthy?

What have you enjoyed this week? What have you learnt?

14 thoughts on “2 Red- Health Week

  1. We found out that when we excercised our heart pumps blood faster.Blood cels and they carry oxygen.Do not smoke.I enjoyed getting the blood into the containers it is not real blood.

  2. 1.We found out that the white blood cells fight the germs.
    2.The white blood cells from fight the germs. The red blood cells dillver oxgyen.
    3BY esxice

  3. 1.We found out that th white bold cellsfight the germs.
    2.The white blood cells fight the germs .The red blood cells diliver oxygen.
    3.by exsicing.

  4. I found out that we have 5 liters of blood.

    The blood is made of liquid.

    The white blood cells fights the germs and the red blood cells deliver the oxygen.

    We can 💃.

  5. I’ve leant about what the heart does and what’s it’s job.
    The heart pumps blood around the body.
    Your heart can be healthy by exercise like star jumps,press ups,bb

  6. I enjoyed making the stethoscope
    I have learnt how to make a stethoscope
    Eat healthy food
    The red blood cell carries oxygen
    The white blood cell fights germs
    From shahzaib and Adam

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