2 Red visit the zoo

We had a great time at the zoo, despite the weather. Thank you to all our helpers.

Explain which species of animals you saw. Tell me a fact you have learnt about one of them.

28 responses to “2 Red visit the zoo”

  1. Dominik B.

    I saw butterflies that have identical wings.

  2. Iqra F.

    I think I saw a monkey and zebra

  3. Adam O.

    I learned that zebras wat grass.
    I saw zebras, monkies, ducks, grufallo from wood and butterflies.

  4. Aiyla S.

    Explain which species of animals you saw. Tell me a fact you have learnt about one of them.

    I saw cheetahs and they can really fast

  5. Mustafa A.

    I saw butterflies and they had beautiful patterns

  6. Sulaiman A.

    I saw lots of monkeys and they can climb on the trees and strings very fast.

  7. Tala I.

    I saw a gorilla eating grass after that the gorilla was swinging

  8. Shaheer N.

    I saw leopard, my mom toke picture of leopard.
    I enjoyed visiting the zoo

  9. Bilaal K.

    It was the best 👌 experience of my llife

  10. Jasmine P.

    I saw butterflies and they were so colourful

  11. Freya S.

    All monkeys have tails, but some of them have tiny ones that look more like small lumps

  12. Aqsa S.

    We saw butterflies and butterflies look beautiful because the patterns on there wings

  13. Warizah I.

    I saw a leopard they are nocturnal animals.
    Leopard spots are called rosettes.
    They like to spend time in trees.

  14. Nabira M.

    I saw a cheet
    They can run so fast
    I had a nice day

    1. Mrs Penavega

      What colour was the cheetah Warizah?

  15. Freya S.

    The trip was great and amazing 😺😺😺🤩🤩

    1. Mrs Penavega

      Glad you enjoyed it and the weather didn’t spoil it for you.

  16. Orevaoghene O.

    I Love The zoo

  17. Zakariyah A.

    I had a great time at the zoo even if it rained. I enjoyed going into the butterfly farm, it was very warm in there and there were lots of plants and trees. The butterflies were really beautiful even some were legendary, they had lots of camouflaged ones and some very colourful ones

    1. Mrs Penavega

      Did you see the enormous blue butterflies?

      1. Zakariyah A.

        Yes I saw the big butterfly it was very beautiful. It had blue wings with a pattern

  18. Shayan S.

    I saw monkeys , meerkat, peekok, deer.

    1. Mrs Penavega

      Which kind of monkey did you like the best?

  19. Esa I.

    The Monkeys could swing

    1. Mrs Penavega

      They made a very loud noise too!

  20. Jasmine P.

    I had a amazing time

    1. Mrs Penavega

      So glad you enjoyed it Jasmine. Name an animal you saw.

  21. Tala I.

    Did you have fun at the twycross zoo

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