2 White’s Tea Bag Investigation

Explain which was the most suitable material and why.

10 responses to “2 White’s Tea Bag Investigation”

  1. Emraan A.

    The most suitable material was the kitchen paper because it was absorbent and flexible

  2. Elgin A.

    I’m so glad

  3. Jasmine P.

    Kitchen roll is suitable for tea bag

  4. Latifa A.

    the kitchen paper was the most suitable because it was absorbent also flexible and strong.

    1. Mr Carter

      Well done Latifa!

  5. Sara H.

    the kitchen roll was the best because it was flexible and strong so none of the tea leaves went through

    1. Mr Carter

      Super understanding Sarah.

  6. Iqra A.

    The most suitable material was kitchen roll because it was flexible, strong and absorbent.

    1. Mr Carter

      Brilliant answer Iqra!

  7. Adam A.

    The kitchen tissue was suitable for the tea bag.

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