2Blue are Engineers!

2Blue, I am bursting with pride. These last few weeks I have seen incredible progress and I cannot wait to see how you gain even more! Today, you learned about the engineers; Isambard Kingdom Brunel and George Stephenson. With them in mind, you became mini-engineers to create your very own bridge!

How did the creation of bridges and tunnels help people?

7 responses to “2Blue are Engineers!”

  1. Rayyan R.

    Bridges help people to travel easier from one place to another.

  2. Zayaan M.

    They helped them by getting across the water

    1. Mr Mahmood

      Great job!

  3. Rishaan C.

    So it made people go from London to Bristol.

    1. Mr Mahmood

      What a star!

  4. Zayan J.

    Made it easier to reach to different places.

    1. Mr Mahmood

      What a star! Well done, Zayan!

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