2Blue Investigate Microbes!

Science is always exciting in 2Blue!
To continue answering our big question of our current unit, How Can I Keep Myself Healthy?, the children investigated how to effectively get rid of microbes or in other words, germs/bacteria.
What did we find out?
How did you get rid of the glitter microbes?
What do you think will grow on the bread?

4 responses to “2Blue Investigate Microbes!”

  1. Zayan J.

    Using water and soap.

  2. Zayan J.

    I think some bread would have Microbes.

  3. Hadi A.

    we washed our hands to get rid of the glitter microbes. i think fungus will grow on the bread

  4. Hosanna N.

    We found out that the microbes get transferred and to get rid of the glitter we washed our hands with soap and warm water.

    I think the mold will grow on the bread.

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