2Blue – This Is Me Week

What a GREAT start to Y2, 2Blue!

It has been a joy welcoming the children back to school and I cannot wait to see the amazing progress they make this year.
This week is all about the children. We will delve into all the things that make them wonderful, so keep an eye on this blog for updates throughout the week. Share a comment to tell me what you have loved doing.

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  1. Mrs Walker

    Children of 2 Blue and Mr Mahmood, I would just like to say what a great first week back we’ve all had. It has been such a delight getting to know you all. We have had so many things to learn about you all and what it means to be a good citizen. I can’t wait to see more learning next week. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

    1. Mr Mahmood

      It was a great week! Loved every minute :)

  2. Great O.

    I love running and playing football

    1. Mr Mahmood

      You are multi-talented, Great!

  3. Zayan J.

    I loved the weather.

    1. Mr Mahmood

      You are a shining star, Zayan. I cannot wait to see the progress you make this year :)

  4. Hadi A.

    I enjoyed lying on the floor and drawing around using a chalk

    1. Mr Mahmood

      That was fun! You did well Hadi, well done.

  5. Ziad H.

    Today was so fun

    1. Mr Mahmood

      I’m glad you had fun, Hussein!

  6. Zayaan M.

    It was excellent and i had lots of fun

    1. Mr Mahmood

      What an excellent boy you are, Zayaan! Well done on an amazing start.

  7. Hosanna N.

    I have loved drawing my hand, writing words to describe myself and the decorations as well. That’s was fun.

    1. Mr Mahmood

      You have been amazing so far! I cannot wait to see the progress you make this year, Hosanna.

  8. Rayyan R.

    I love when i was painting my face.I loved the day it was so fun.🇲🇦

    1. Mr Mahmood

      I’m glad you are enjoying Y2, Rayyan. So much to look forward to.

  9. Mueez K.

    It was so fun and I nice😇

    1. Mr Mahmood

      What a great first day it was for you, Mueez. Well done for being a superstar!

  10. Amelia B.

    I liked when we made portraits of ourselves and think of how we are special!

    1. Mr Mahmood

      What a great first day it was for you, Amelia. You are going to do amazingly well in Y2.

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