2Blue’s Amazing Friday!

Today has been a fantastic day! The children created their sandwiches, following their own designs. I must say, their creations were AMAZING! Well done to you all.
CHALLENGE: Was your sandwich healthy? How and why?
How did your sandwich taste? Use adjectives to describe them.

Congratulations to our STAR Spellers!

5 responses to “2Blue’s Amazing Friday!”

  1. Albert Q.

    What a great day.

  2. Martyna Z.

    I had fun

  3. Amelia B.

    My sandwich taste delicious and yummy.
    It was very nice.

  4. Rishaan C.

    What a fun day it was making sandwiches my sandwich was scrumptious and I made very healthy and I loved the pineapple on the sandwich ( not pineapple on pizza) and why it was is because of that ingredients that I had on the sandwich also well done to the star spellers👍.

  5. Zayan J.

    I loved the delicious sandwich and I got 10\10.

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