2D Shape Hunt by 3 Blue

3 Blue went on a fantastic shape hunt finding 2D shapes including squares, rectangles, circles and pentagon. Children worked really well in groups and took great evidence shots. You can find pictures below and the winning blog created by a group can also be found underneath for viewing πŸ‘

WELL DONE ADAM, BILAL AND HUZAIFA πŸ‘ 😊🌟 for a great video showing all the 2D shapes that you have found in the playground.

8 responses to “2D Shape Hunt by 3 Blue”

  1. Hassanati H.

    Well done Adam, Bilal and Huzaifa.

  2. Sara H.

    i found a circle
    i. found a tringle
    i found a square

  3. Maryum N.

    I found a pentagon on the climbing frame.
    I found a sphere next to the fence where you sit down on the adventure.
    I found a cylinder where the green big slide is on the other bit to get up the big slide. I found a square on the round about.
    I found a rectangle near the shed.

  4. Bilal U.

    I’m very happy because I’ve won the shape hunt blog of the day and Well done Adam, Huzaifa and everyone else.

  5. Maryum N.

    In my fun 2D shape hunt I found a pentagon a sphere a cylinder and a rectangle, and square, it was very fun I enjoyed it alot.

  6. Gurshaanpreet S.

    I learned 2D shapes and 3D shapes.

  7. Ella K.

    Well done Adam BILAL and HUZAIFA for showing 2D shapes to us

  8. Adam A.

    Thank you Mrs Farooq for all the lovely comments that you called meπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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