3 Blue Mathematical Figures πŸ”’

The start of the new term and the first week has been fun. It is Project Week and the focus has been about Maths around the world. Our aim was to learn and claim crystal through out the week. The groups with the most crystals were the winners. To do this we had to show resilience and work as a team to solve calculations.

We started the week learning about Ancient Greek Mathematician Pythagoras who discovered angles of a triangle. We further developed our learning by learning about Claudius Ptolemy who discovered trigonometry. To understand his theory the children created 3D pyramids. We solved addition and subtraction skills by using jottings and resources. We decoded hieroglyphics numbers and solved calculations.

We continued to learn about other famous mathematicians such as Qin Jinshao who was a famous Chinese mathematician. He wrote an important study on equations and remainders. We solved Chinese calculations and created a poster. We learned how to say the numbers in Chinese and created our own Chinese calculations.

It has been a fun, packed week full of numbers where we have gained.
Please take a look at our work.
What did you enjoy learning about this week?

13 responses to “3 Blue Mathematical Figures πŸ”’”

  1. Emil D.

    I loved that week when we did maths

  2. Mrs A Patel

    Well done 3 Blue for being a super stars. You all enjoyed the maths week and gained knowledge about famous mathematicians from different countries. Well done!

  3. Simeongeya W.

    I liked making the pirymid because it was 3d

  4. Musa B.

    I loved how we made the pyramids and all the other stuff

  5. Tasneem S.

    It was very fun THANKS Mrs JANJUWA

  6. Eesaa A.

    I really loved making posters and pyramids and learning things that you can learn in a higher year.

  7. Faris B.

    I really enjoyed learning about the Chinese numbers but I found number 4 quite hard πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

  8. Eliza N.

    I also liked writing in Chinese πŸ²πŸ‰πŸŒ³πŸŒΏπŸŽ‹

  9. Eliza N.

    I loved it so much my favourite part is when we made the pyramids it was soo cute and so cool and learning about angles πŸ“πŸ˜‡πŸ’›βœ–οΈβž—βž•βž–

  10. Halimah K.

    Wow I love how we made the pirimids

  11. Toleen S.

    I really enjoyed maths week.It was really challenging.
    Maths is my third favourite subject.My favourite part was answering and cracking the Egyptian number sentences.πŸ“ƒπŸ–Š

  12. Chavi L.

    I enjoyed this maths project week by knowing how to crack a code.I also have made progress by writing numbers in the simble of chinese!
    thank you for teaching me new things!

  13. Dean-Junior L.

    I really liked making pyramids because it contains teamwork and resilience

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