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3 Blue’s Moving Monsters

12 responses to “3 Blue’s Moving Monsters”

  1. Liliana S.

    Well done to everyone you all done a great job

  2. Sara H.

    I liked Hanah’s because it was very amazing 👏 😍 👌 😉

  3. Muhammed I.

    I like mirr moving monster because it has loads of detail and it looks very interesting and scary

  4. Aesha M.

    My favorite was all of them because they was so cool and amazing aslo it was fun.

  5. Hudaa M.

    well done for making amazing moving monster!!

    1. Ahsan M.

      My favourite movinig monster was sara because it looked scarrrry!!😈

  6. Zenat N.

    I loved to make the moving monster we all had fun with the moving monster
    All of them look very fantastic and used all of the equipment the moving was
    All looking beautiful I love the Fridays lesson everybody like Friday lesson.

  7. Adam A.

    Wow what fantastico scary monsters they exlanlant.👹👺💀👻☠️📦

  8. Maryum N.

    I loved making the moving monsters and putting the syringes in the box to make it move up and down automatically but on the other hand we decorated which was really fun including skills academy and long playtime. I hope everyone enjoyed because I did as well alternatively I loved all the lessons on that Friday.

  9. Nichollas B.

    I did a moving monster quit good but,well done 3B doing your best moving monster.

  10. Ella K.

    I enjoy it and I liked hassinati because it has a lot of detail and pretty stuff

  11. Iqra S.

    Well done and good job for your hard working team to all of you

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