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3 Red’s Well Being Day!

We had a fun and relaxing Well Being Day, taking part in a range of activities. We expressed our creativity in the morning and were active in the afternoon! Please watch our blog to see what we got up to!

Which activity did you enjoy most today? What Broad Heath Values have you used today and how?


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  1. I loved doing the rain dance because it actually brought in rain clouds.
    We showed the value resilience so we would not give up on making it rain.

  2. In our table groups we used teamwork to make the flowers for mothers day.
    we made some lovely cards for mothers day.
    we did active maths outside the orange table won the game well done orange table for winning the active maths game.
    we made our own music using bottles.

  3. My favourite activity was the active maths.
    I used Tenacity because when I was doing the stem I found it hard and then I finally done it.