3 White are 4 White for the day!

What a fantastic day we have had today 3 White. You all blew both myself and Mrs Khatun away with your fantastic attitude. You are definitely ready for year 4! Watch the video below to see some of the fun we had.

What was your favourite activity today and why?

What are you looking forward to in Year 4?

What are your targets for year 4?

3 responses to “3 White are 4 White for the day!”

  1. Marwah K.

    My favourite activity was drawing minions😆.

  2. Yahya K.

    My favorite activity was the personality swirl.
    I am looking forward to anglo saxon day in year 4.
    My target for year 4 is to achive GD in all the subjects.

  3. Janelle O.

    I liked the kahoot because it is fun for me.
    I’m looking forward in year 4 to have pen licence and get better at handwriting.
    My target is. To aim at my maths and handwriting

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