3 White’s Exercise Videos

As part of health week we explored different ways we could exercise. We also learnt the importance of exercise. Can you join in with us and keep yourselves fit and healthy?

7 responses to “3 White’s Exercise Videos”

  1. Ranj M.

    I loved doing exercises because I can work with different people and it was really funπŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†
    My favourite on was squats , push ups and star jumps

  2. Nabiha I.

    I had fun.

  3. Subodh K.

    l love the exercise video🀩🀩🀩

  4. Rexford A.

    I love doing excersizes such as pushups situps and more.
    It was amazing.

  5. Adrian O.

    I loved the exercise video and all the different exercises like squats, pushups and jumps.
    It was really fun.

  6. Tinuola T.

    I loved doing the exercises I even do some as home!

  7. Aadam R.

    I loved doing exercises and it is the best way to get rid off fat it is really easy but you can get tired.

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