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  1. I learnt that sir Francis Drake was a pirate and hero.

    Because the Spanish pronounced El Draque like that.

    I think he’s both because he stole and pirate steal and he also gave gold to his crew and took some himself and hero’s do that Kind of stuff.

  2. What have you learned this week?
    I learned about Sir Francis Drake when it was the first day I learned about Sir Francis Drake I knew about him a bit, but when we learned about him a lot I knew about him a lot more than I did when I learned it the first day.
    Why might the Spanish have called him El Draque?
    El Draque meant dragon the pirate who was called Sir Francis Drake called the Spanish El Draque which means dragon once again!
    The information about Sir Francis Drake Francis
    He was called Sir Francis Drake because the queen chose him to be a Sir Francis Drake. Also, he stole lots of items from Spanish. How? I know because the people were helping Sir Francis Drake. Sir Francis Drake rode the boat to steal more ITEMS from the Spanish people! Not only that, he told the people to steal more if they gave him all the items he wanted then he would give them 40,000 pounds to them. if they gave Sir Francis Drake a bit he would still get a lot, it would be 4,000. Still a lot!!!!
    Do you think he was a hero or a pirate? Why?
    He is both because he can just be a pirate so he can just steal Spanish. and he is a hero because if they try to get the item back they can just fly away.
    I have enjoyed project week