4 Red – Science

This half term in Science our topic is ‘Switched On’.  Today we looked at making circuits using different equipment.  Looking at these pictures can you explain how your circuit was working using the scientific vocabulary below:-





light bulb



crocodile clips

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  1. My circuit was working because I got my crocodile clip.Got the battery holder put the battery in .Then attached the clip to the light bulb and the battery.Done

  2. Firstly, the main objective of the circuit was to pass electricity through to make the light bulb glow. However I did make two circuits with the difference being one circuit had a light bulb and the other circuit required a motor.

    The first thing I did was put the battery in the correct way in the battery holder. For example the positive (+) tip of the battery goes into the part of the battery holder where it is labelled + for positive and vice versa for negative (-).

    After the battery was ready, I connected the light bulb to the battery holder with the crocodile clips. This allowed the electricity, provided by the battery, to conduct through the crocodile clips to the light bulb, making it glow and light up.

    The second circuit I created had the same principle but only difference being was the motor; I replaced the light bulb with a small motor. When the circuit was connected, the motor whirred and buzzed, indicating the circuit was complete as electrical current from the battery travelled through the crocodile clips, which generated the motor.

    I really enjoyed doing this type of science activity as it made me feel like a scientist. I love being creative and showing my skills through my work.

  3. We tried to get the light working and it was so hard. The crocodile clips were tricky to handle, and was a difficult challenge. The circuit was not as easy as it looks, and we got some help from Mohamed ‘s group and Tahseen connected it to the batteries and I put the clips on the screws. Shortly after Abobaca held the light. Eventually, the light sparked and then shone brightly.

  4. My circuit was working because I got my crocodile clip and to the screws of the bulb we carefully placed it in. Then we placed the battery in its place, When that was in place we got the crocodile clip and we placed into place one on each side [posotive+andnegative-] softly. Eventually, your bulb would turn on. We worked as a group using teamwork to make this circuit and make it work.

  5. So you have a battery in a battery holder then you put the crocodile clip the end of a battery holder do this with another crocodile clip at the other end. Then put the end of the crocodile clip and connect it to the bolts of the lightbulb do this with the other crocodile clip.

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