Science Day in 6B: What would happen if there was no moon?

First, we completed a SOLE project researching what the moon is and how it impacts Earth. We looked at what would happen if there was no moon and created our own double page spreads.

We found out what a hydrophobic material is and used one of these materials to create art. We use wax which repels water and therefore allowed us to create a picture using watercolour paints as our background.

Finally, we learnt that the moon reflects light from the sun and we created our own moon dials to see how the moon looks in its different phases. We use protractors and compasses to create our own moon dials and some of our fantastic maths skills.

9 responses to “Science Day in 6B: What would happen if there was no moon?”

  1. Fatimah K.

    Science day was very fun and i enjoyed doing the double page spreads.

  2. Seher A.

    Mr inman is the best teacher in yr 6

  3. Saee N.

    Yes I agree that Science day was fun and very exciting where we made the moon craters and the double page spread about if there was no moon and how it would impact the animals .

  4. Hammad A.

    i loved it!!!!!

  5. Nihit N.

    Science day was fantastic!

  6. Kaila M.

    I really enjoyed science day . My favourite part was discussing my learning with Year 5

  7. Aysha R.

    I really enjoyed science day

  8. Mehar R.

    This so fun

  9. Zaeem S.

    This was so much fun I enjoyed the day and happy the teachers picked this for us to do on science day thank you.

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