4 Red – Trip to Bosworth

4 Red are studying the Tudors in topic this half term. The Tudor reign began after the battle of Bosworth and the victory of Henry Tudor, so what better place to visit than a real battlefield! See our video below for the various activies we did today:

4 Red:

  1. Write 3 facts you learnt on the trip.
  2. Which part of the trip did you enjoy the most?
  3. What would you like to find out about the Tudors next?


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  1. I learnt that king 👑 Henry vll married six girls
    Richard wasn’t suppose to be king because he did a bad thing
    They had 2 battles in the first one ☝️ Henry lost and the second one ✌️Henry defeated 😕 Richard
    When we went up the hill
    How did the children 👶 die 💀

  2. 1)King Richard the 3rd was slain by a Lancastrian with a pole axe 🇬🇧.
    King Richards body was found in a car park.King Richard had scoliosis.

  3. 1.I learnt Henry Tudor was unofficially crowned.
    He was crowned around Golding.
    Henry and Richard lll were cousins.
    2.I enjoyed the galleries that told us information and my favourite part was going on the guided walk as much as when we went to the weaponary and amoury place.
    3.I would like to know where Henry Tudor was buried.

  4. 1. Three facts that I learnt are King Henry 8th chopped his five wife’s but apart from one I learnt that life was critical for poor people because they had a lot of diseases
    I learnt that Henry the 7th married Elizabeth of york
    2. My favourite part of the trip is the battlefield
    3. I don’t want to know about the facts I know already

    • In the war Richard III had got 9-10 wounds and died because he missed the hit at Henry VII and Henry Tudor’s army men hacked him down.King Richard wasn’t supposed to be king.When Henry became king he tried to stop the wars between the Lancastrians and the yorkists so he got them together.I enjoyed the exhibition in the museum the most.Why do some Tudor princes or princesses become illegimate and when the king or queen dies they become king or queen.

  5. 1.King Richard III reigned for 2 years.
    King Henry VII reigned for 24 years.
    King Richard III was the youngest brother of King Edward IV.

    2.My favourite part of the day was when we went to the museum.

    3.I would like to find out where King Henry was buried.

  6. They used monster patterns for tiling floors
    They attacked at Albion hill and king Richard died at a mossy land.
    I enjoyed using the bills and see the man using the weapons.
    I would like to find about the place where king richard died and how

  7. 1.I learnt that king Richard the 3rd did not like Elizabeth.
    2.Elizabeth told the old Henry and the young Henry were in her team.
    3.King Richard was found at the parking senter because of his right shoulder is not right like a bit bend

    My favourite part of the trip was everything because in my head it told me more information about the Tudors how they last.

    I would want to learn about how it happened in the years like when did the battle and the times.