4 White Explore Different Angles

In Maths, we have been looking at a range of angles: acute, obtuse, reflex and right-angles.

We started of by making angle fans to help us with our learning.

We used the angle fans to explore angles around the school.

We used our knowledge to label the different angles on a abstract pattern.

What is an angle?

Define the following angles:





What unit of measurement do we use for angles?

What equipment can we use to help us measure angles?

3 responses to “4 White Explore Different Angles”

  1. Shemaiah W.

    it’s when to lines meet.
    we use 90 degrees angles and 180 degrees.
    we use a pro tractar.

  2. Jebrin Y.

    Acute angle less than 90° right angle 90° obtuse angle more than 90°but less than 180° straight angle exactly 180° reflex angle more than 180° the last a full rotation is a angle 360°

  3. Jebrin Y.

    We use use degrees the equipment we can use is a protractor there is also two other angles straight angle exactly 180° and a full rotation exactly 360°

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