4W Science: Investigating Insulators

Today 4W were faced with given a challenge during their science lesson. Watch the video below to find out what it was.

The children conducted an experiment to find out what was the best insulator for Mr Patel’s iced tea and Mrs Frankish’s coffee.
Below are some of their findings:

What is an insulator?

What is a conductor?

Why do you think the foil was the best insulator?


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  1. A conducter allows electricity to travel through it , like silver ,gold, copper ,

    An insulator keeps the warm in and from passing through like , wool
    ,plastic, cotton.

    I think foil is the best insulator because it helps keeps the temperature the same like Mrs frankish coffee hot and Mr patels tea cold

  2. An insulator is something that keeps stuff warm and ready for any occasion you might need hot drinks. For example:
    The cotton is a poor insulator.
    The family wanted an insulator to help their drinks to be warm as they don’t want cold coffee.
    It was a winter morning and a girl wanted hot coffee, so she needed an insulator.

    A conductor allows you to flow electricity in it. For example:
    A young boy wanted to learn about a conductor, but then he asked his teacher and used a conductor, once he found out.
    A family needed a conductor, they saw it and on the floor was an example of a conductor. Silver, aluminium, and iron.
    A teenager wanted to see a conductor, so she tried her best to find all 3 items in different places. (Silver, alumnium, and iron.

    I think foil was the best insulator, as it helped Mrs Frankish and Mr Patel’s problem on their coffee.

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