4W Visits Tamworth Castle 🏰

What a fantastic day 4 White have had at Tamworth Castle. It was a amazing way to start our History learning about the Anglo-Saxons.

The children started the morning by exploring the castle itself. This was followed by a workshop about Anglo-Saxon artefacts and a mini archaeologist dig. After some lunch we learnt about life as an Anglo-Saxon soldier and took part in some soldier training.

What was your favourite activity? Why?

What new facts did you learn?

7 responses to “4W Visits Tamworth Castle 🏰”

  1. Zainullah S.

    My favourite place was the … DUNGEON very dangerous.

  2. Zainullah S.

    The battle of hasting didn’t take place in Hastings it took place in SUSSEX…

  3. Zainullah S.

    East Anglia


  4. Shemaiah W.

    What was your favourite activity? Why? My favourite activity was searching through the castle because we found out more.
    What new facts did you learn? i learned all the names of each 7 parts of the kingdom .

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      Can you name the 7 kingdoms?

  5. Abdelrahman A.

    When we did the shield wall
    Some Saxons were invaders and some where setelers

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      What is a settler?

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