4W’s Visit to the Thinktank

What a fantastic day we have had visiting the Thinktank Museum! We watched a chemistry show, took part in a chemistry workshop and even had a little bit of time to explore the rest of the museum.

What is a reversible and irreversible change?

Name a gas, liquid and solid.

Tell me 3 facts that you learnt.

What was your favourite part of the day?

3 responses to “4W’s Visit to the Thinktank”

  1. Irfa M.

    1.A reversible change is a change you can reverse however a irreversible change is a change you can’t reverse.
    Natural gas
    My favourite part is the science tricks.

  2. Sheik A.

    Reversible is you can change it
    IReversible means you can,t change it
    Smoke trees water
    You can make colerd fier and slim and liquid metal.
    Slim part.

  3. Janelle O.

    reversible is something that you can go back. Irreversible is something that does not go back.
    The carbon dioxide is a gas, water is a liquid and gold is a solid.
    Some solids are made by a different material
    Science can do something really cool.
    There are so many gases.
    My favourite part was exploring in the museum.

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