5 Blue – Maths word problem

This week in Maths, we have been looking at common multiples. A common multiple of two numbers is a product you can get by multiplying each of the two numbers by some whole number.

  1. What is the lowest common multiple of 4 and 7
  2. What are the first 4 common multiples of 4 and 7
  3. True or False – all the common multiples of 4 and 7 are odd. Explain your answer using your reasoning skills.

5 responses to “5 Blue – Maths word problem”

  1. Amina H.

    The last part at the bottom I don’t understand.

  2. Afsa P.

    Hi,I am not understanding how to do the grid on the secend part of the reasing questions but i havre done the first top part of the reasing question

    1. Mrs Khan

      Girls, just like the factor bugs or Venn diagrams we have done in class you should be able to see which numbers are not multiples of 4 and 7. Do it in a systematical order.

      1 – if you have filled the first part of the grid you need to list the first 4 multiples of 4 and 7.
      2 – look at all these numbers that are multiples of 4 and 7 are they odd or even or both.

      If you need more guidance ask me in class tomorrow.

      1. Amina H.

        I still don’t understand the last part.

  3. Muhammad Y.


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