5 Blue visited the big top!

5 Blue had a fabulous time watching the circus performance this afternoon.

Afterwards they got to take part in a workshop to learn how to hula hoop and spin plates. It was so much fun!

What values have you devleoped during these sessions? What has been your favourite part of the sessions?


  1. During these sessions, I developed the values resilience, knowledge and tenacity by learning the skill to balance the plate on the stick and keep it moving with concentration. Also, my favourite part of the sessions was when we got to participate.

  2. I devoluped how to hoopla hoop. My favourite part was the hoola hooping part.
    The value I saw was resilience. Becuse when people got it wrong they tried again.

  3. The values I learn and saw was imagination and teamwork, the imagination i saw was how they were thinking what to say what is funny,
    And the teamwork I saw was how they were help each other.

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