5 Blue week 2

The children in 5 Blue have had a great week of learning. The children are starting to come out of their shells and share their fantastic knowledge with the class. This confidence to share and perform is really benefiting the class and the quality of the work produced. Evidence of this is in the video below,

In maths 5 Blue have been consolidating their place value knowledge and we are focusing on our reasoning skills as well as developing the skills to prove their answers using a range of evidence. In English the children have shared their excitement over being visited by aliens and are using their pre existing knowledge of newspapers to write a research and write a report. The children in 5 Blue have experimented with different ways of presenting their research in the form of double page spreads in both science and history. It’s been pleasing to see the children express themselves creatively and make good decisions in regards to presentation.

Well done on an excellent start to the term 5 Blue lets build on this next week,

Mr Kane

2 responses to “5 Blue week 2”

  1. Arhan S.

    I love to do newspapers. When Mr Kane and Ms Khan choose to do funny things , i Love it!

  2. Myiesha S.

    I love us to do fun stuff with Mr Kane and Mrs Khan!
    Mr kane always tells us if we want him to be Nice always have a little giggle or make the lessons fun.
    We chose hime to be fun and always have a giggle.
    I love when Mr kane chooses to do drama and acting becasue it makes us learn more and make us want to do our work.

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