5 Blue’s Greek Day

Today was Ancient Greek day in Year 5 and we were so impressed with all the effort the children made to dress up. Look at our wonderful costumes….

Today we created our Greek sculptures out of clay.

The children researched life in Ancient Greece and what was invented during this period.

They also tried Greek dancing….

They explored key events during the Ancient Greek period and linked to British and school values.


*Compare the Olympics then and now.

*Tell me about the sculpture you created.

  • Tell me about life in ancient Greece and compare with modern life in Britain.

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  1. Compare the Olympics then and now

    Now in boxing there are more than 1 rounds
    Now the olympics last longer
    Before there were fewer events than modern olympics.
    People from different countries can play

    *Tell me about the sculpture you created.
    I used clay to make my sculpture. Since , I was making Poseidon I had to make a trident so I used wire to make a trident

    1. The Olympics only did for around 1 or 2 days but we now do it for 16 days.
    2. We have different country’s doing the Olympics but they only had one country doing it because it took too long and it was hard to travel this links to why its only a few days.
    3. They didn’t have cloths so they did it naked but now we have clothes to wear.

    My sculpture was Poseidon as they believe the God of the sea.

    They used to do the boxing for 1 round but now we usually do it for like 12 rounds. The food they ate like the main food was bread porridge and a range of vegetables but now we have many foods so there not really a main food. They used to dance to there gods but wqe dont do that now because there are different cultures.

  3. Compare the Olympics then and now.
    Before they did it in 2 days and they were bare
    *Tell me about the sculpture you created.
    I created Athena the goddess of war, wisdom and handy craft
    *Tell me about life in ancient Greece and compare with modern life in Britain.
    Back then in Greece they didn’t have electronics and it was warm and dry
    Now in Britain it is usually cloudy and raining.

  4. In the olympics in Ancient Greece they had put in a lot more violence than the one now and they had a lot less restriction when fighting.
    I have attempted to create Zeus who held a lightning bolt and a shield
    The main differences we have with The Ancient Greeks is
    -they had not let girls go to school
    -they do not have technology we have today
    – they have a limited amount of jobs
    – the boys fight for more than 7 years in some regions

  5. In the Olympic Games now it is less violent then before and there are less sports .Before there was only 1 round but now there many rounds in the games like boxing there is about 12 rounds in a boxing match.My sculpture is about the Greece king of Gods Zeus.In Ancient Greek there were lots of Gods and now there is a royal family in Modern Britain.

  6. Compare Olympics then and now
    *used to do it naked
    *only lasts around to days
    *only Greece did it
    *one event
    *we do it with clothes on
    *lasts 16 days
    * different countries compete
    *43 events
    Sculpture I did
    The sculpture I did is Athena goddess of wisdom and war

  7. It was really fun and the Olympic games are different because they used to do it naked and they used to use different games to us.
    Thank you teachers for making the day so fun

  8. Compare the Olympics then and now.
    They had different game then to us now.
    They used to do it naked.
    There was only one event.
    Held in town or city.
    In boxing it was only 1 single round.
    Run with clothes.
    re rounds.
    There are now 43 events.
    There are now 4 to 12 rounds in boxing
    *Tell me about the sculpture you created.
    I created Zeus which is king of vod and god of the sky.
    Tell me about life in ancient Greece and compare with modern life in Britain.
    In ancient Greece in used to be warmer because it is closer to the equator.
    Theh did not have any technology or vehicle like used.
    There houses were not as large as ours.
    They grew food but we buy food in at the shop however some people grow food aswell.
    We now have jobs and check our teeth at the densit and check our bodies at the doctors or hospitals.

  9. I built the statue of the goddess Hera. This is the queen of gods and the goddess of marriage, women and family. Olympics then were very harsh and cruel and they were life risking, however Olympics now are less harsh and cruel and they now forfeit or lose instead of keep on going till the opponent dies.

  10. Compare the Olympics then and now.
    Then they used to do some activities which they were doing naked.
    Only lasts two days
    Only one event
    More events
    Last sixteen days
    No running naked.
    I made the goddess tyche she is the goddess of luck

    *Tell me about the sculpture you created.

  11. Compare the Olympics then and now.
    * There was no team sports in the Ancient Greek Olympics.
    *There was no medals or trophies in the the Olympics game.
    Tell me about the sculpture you created.
    I built Zeus and he was a god.

  12. ❤️Compare the Olympics then and now.
    There were no team sports at the Ancient Greek Olympics
    There were no medals at the Olympics games
    ❤️Tell me about the sculpture you created.
    My one was named Athena
    It took a lot of time effort but
    It was FUN🥳🥳
    ❤️Tell me about life in ancient Greece and compare with modern life in Britain.
    They had no internet
    And no electricity
    They never had they much to eat
    I had a lot of fun

  13. 1.one of the difference is other countries do it today ,secondly there is more challenges , thirdly it stays for longer and lastly on all the challenges today they wear clothes.
    2. The sculpture I made is poesiden, he was Greek god of the sea and earthquakes he wield trident.

  14. The prizes were different now you get trophies and medals but they got a crown of olives and leaves.
    They usually didn’t wear clothes then.
    Then it was shorter times for the Olympics.
    I wasn’t here so I couldn’t create the sculpture.
    In Ancient Greece they didn’t have any advanced stuff like electronics (iPads, tablets, phones) to play with but they had to play in the outdoors like tag or football now we have more advanced stuff like phones and tablets to play with.

  15. Compare the Olympics then and now.
    Now it is 16 days long but in ancient Greece it was 2 days.

    *Tell me about the sculpture you created.
    My sculpture was Zeus and he is the king 👑👑 if all god’s he has the power of thunder ⚡ rain 🌧️ wind 🌬️ and storm 🌧️⚡🌬️.

    Tell me about life in ancient Greece and compare with modern life in Britain.
    In ancient Greece they didn’t have electric things they a had outdoor activities but now we have electric things and we have festivals like Greeks.

  16. today was amazing
    1. the Olympic game in ancient Greek was the first game ever made now we have different sports then the ancient Greek now we have more rules
    2. the sculpture was very hard the clay was falling apart a lot and it was very messy and it dries really slowly and some was stuck on the paper
    3. in ancient Greek they did not have computer or any electronic but no we have all of that

  17. Olympics in Ancient Greece
    They used to run without no clothes
    They did not have many rounds
    There was only one event
    Held in town or city
    Olympic Games now
    Run with clothes
    More rounds
    43 events
    Everybody can do it
    Held in town or city
    The sculpture I created was Goddess Hera who was the goddess of the moon.
    Ancient Greece had a warm, dry climate, as Greece does today. Most people lived by farming, fishing and trade. Others were soldiers, scholars, scientists and artists however in Britain life is different we do not have warm dry climate we mostly have cloudy weather. Most people have jobs to earn money and they work in many different places like shops, teachers and dentists.

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