5 Red Wednesday Health Week.

climbing wall –

We had the fantastic opportunity of learning to climb on a climbing wall. It was so much fun! Have a look at our amazing video.

Be Healthy

We looked at the effects of sugar on the body, identified foods that are high in sugar and when it is acceptable to eat high sugar foods. We also tested different age groups reactions when dropping a ruler between their fingers.


We are answering a BIG question in science this week- how can we stay fit and healthy as we get older?

Which was your best lesson today and why?

What have you learnt from today?

6 thoughts on “5 Red Wednesday Health Week.

  1. 1. It was very important because we learnt loads of skills and we all showed resilience
    2. my favourite one was rock climbing because i made it to the top 2 times,but it was really hard to get up to the top,so well done everyone!!
    3.i have learnt to be fiit and healthy.

  2. My favorite lesson today was when we climbed the climbing wall Because it was very fun and I made it to the top both times. The second time I was much better and faster. Today I have learned that the more you do it you will be less scared and better and you show resilience and at the top, you have made it you won’t be scared and be so proud of yourself.

  3. 1. Everything was the best because we are learning new skills and we are increasing our knowledge of health and fitness.
    2. I have learnt how to do rock climbing and it was fun!!😍
    I have also learnt about helping elders stay fit and healthy.

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