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5 Red’s Joy Of Moving with SkyBlues in the Community.

This term in 5 Red, we have had the privilege of having the SkyBlues “Joy Of Moving” Come in to Year 5. Every Friday they have came in to teach us the importance of moving and learning through physical activities, where Denis and Johnny guided us through many activities, such as football, handball, tennis football and many more! We then got to work through the Move and learn challenge booklet with Harry, where we learnt the importance of healthy eating, diet planning and keeping track of our own activity times. We learnt a lot and got to have fun too! Take a look at our video below, enjoy!

What was your favourite physical activity?

Why is healthy eating important?

What is the most important meal of the day?


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  1. 1.My favourite physical activity is the relay races because everyone has a turn and it is fair.
    2.Healthy eating is important because it helps you stay strong and helps us live a long life.
    3.The most important meal of the day is breakfast because it helps your mind ready for the day ahead.

  2. My favorite physical activity is netball because it includes teamwork and resilience.
    Healthy eating is important because if you don’t eat healthy, you will get sick.
    I think the most important meal is breakfast because it gets you ready for the day and gives you energy.

  3. My favourite physical activity was anchor ship and shore because it was very fun and you had to run a lot
    Healthy eating is important so you stay fit, be clear minded and be energized
    The most important meal of the day is breakfast
    Eat breakfast like a king
    Eat lunch like a princess
    Eat dinner normally or like a poor person any choice