5W: European Day of Languages – Germany

What have you learnt today?

How do you say goodbye in German?

Tell me a fact about Germany.


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  1. It was really fun and I enjoyed it!
    I learned what was Octoberfest is and how it works
    Chouss. Is goodbye
    And Guten tag is a way of saying good day

  2. I learnt what a Oktober cookie is and how it is made.
    chuss means bye in German.
    In Germany, the summers are warm but the winters are cool.

  3. Today we had so much fun and we made okterbrefest cookies.
    We learned how to say things in German like:
    Weir gates goot
    Goot an taag
    Mier gates goot

  4. I learnt how to speak German.
    Auf wiedersehen = Goodbye
    There are 82 million people in Germany
    There is a festival in Germany called Octoberfest which lasts for 16 days. It celebrates the end of West and East Germany.
    Miski and Sameeha.

  5. I had a fun time learning about German .we learnt different words in German .Last thing we learnt was about Oktoberfest is a celebration with lots of food and drinks we created heats for the festival.
    Goodbye in German is Auf Wiedersehen.
    I Research this fact . German is famous for its Football.
    Bread & Sausages.
    Palaces & Castles.
    Cathedrals & Monuments.
    Festivals & Carnivals.
    Thank you for this nice day and this opportunity.

  6. What I learnt about Germany is how to greet someone in German. Hallow is hello in German.
    Bye in German is Auf Wiedersehen.
    There is a festival in Germany called oktober fest and it lasts 16 days. It is happening right now.