6 Blue ‘The Blues’

This half term our music unit is to explore the ‘Blues’ some of us thought this would be slow music however we were pleasantly surprised. Below are some songs we listened to. 

Hugh Laurie’s album

6 Blue- what are your thoughts on this style of music and the use of instruments?

Which song did you enjoy most and why?

23 thoughts on “6 Blue ‘The Blues’

  1. My thoughts are that The Blues is a very happy kind of music which means it makes people happy.
    Mannish man is my best song because very interesting

  2. In my opinion, the blues is quite different to the type of style we have now, it sounds very joyful, whereas, I enjoyed Muddy Waters song because it included a range of instruments which caused the effect in the song.

    Written by Zeinab K

  3. the blues orginated on southern planatans in the 19th century.
    Our thought are we like this style of music it make you happy when you’re sad .we enjoyed muddy Waters because it has a nice beat to it.
    Khadija and David

  4. The blues is a genaration of classical, jazz and rock music 🎵 that arrived in the nineteenth century after the time of slavery and racism. It was created by african and Americans and ex slaves and as time went by it became one of many genres that were made later on. It mainly consists of instruments and few words. This is not my type of music because I like music with more words.
    Aryan and Sediqua.

  5. 1) When did the blues begin?
    The blues orgianted on Southern Plantation in the 19th Century.It inventors were slaves , ex -slaves and the descendants of Slaves – Aftican American sharecropper who sang as they toiled in the Cotten and Vegetable fields.

    2) Which song did you enjoy most and why?
    I enjoyed about the blues because there song was great to learn about a new brilliant song.

    By ilhan and Andreea.

  6. I liked Hugh Lauries album because back ground the range of instruments and the tone of his voice and instruments .however I think the instruments that they used go with it and makes it sound nice.also this song was in the 19th century.Also the inventors were slaves.

  7. The blues was invented in the 19th century.It was created by African Americans.
    Whilst listening to the music some people feel sadness and joy.The blues aren’t really my type of music so I don’t really listen to them but when I was listening I felt a range of emotions such as joy and happiness.The song which I enjoyed the most was the howling-wolf.

    From Aliyah and Michelle

  8. Although these songs may be entertaining for some people in my opinion these songs are not my type therefore I don’t enjoy them much. However if I had to choose I would prefer muddy water as it has more of a rythm and a beat. I guess song genres which our over a hundred years old are not really our type.

    By Leila and Saniya.

  9. My and Sania’s opinion is that this is a really smooth style of music and I like how they use a big range of instruments.Our favourite song is definitely the howlin’ wolfes because of the way he sings.

  10. Our opinions on the use of instrumental is that we enjoy the charm feeling to this type of music.we also think that the song is a slow pace song and these songs are joyful and enjoyable.This music was also from the 19th century.

    By Sophia and faheem

  11. The blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th Century.Its inventors were slaves,ex-slaves and the descendants of slaves-African American sharecroppers who sang as they toiled in the cotton and vegetable fields.
    I enjoyed the song muddy waters because I liked the way they played the instrument and then started to sing.

    The way they used the instrument was brilliant because the way they were playing was calming and relaxing.

    By Ismail and Hargun 6B

  12. My thoughts on this is good but this isn’t my style of music but I think they are amazing at singing.I enjoyed howlen wolf because I could pretend that I’m playing a piano just like in real life.

  13. In my opinion I think that the music is not like the music I would listen to in my daily life.My opinion as well is that the blues have good songs but I wouldn’t listen to this normally in my free time but I also like this because it’s peaceful and calm I would listen to this song about 1 or 2 times because it makes you feel relaxed.i found out that the blues originated in the 19 century.

  14. Its name notwithstanding, blues music can invoke a range of emotions: joy, anguish, triumph, or plain old sadness. As Nina Simone demonstrated, the blues can feel really, really good.
    A genre that’s over 100 years old, the journey of blues can be traced from West Africa to the deep South, to urban centers in the northern U.S., where it fed directly into rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm & blues. However, one type of blues did not completely eclipse another as time went on – older forms of blues have persisted and seen revivals and surges in popularity

  15. I like the blues music but I wouldn’t listen to it for the rest of my life.African slaves brought their musical traditions with them when they were transported to work in the North American colonies.Work songs were sung rhythmically in time with the task being done.i enjoyed muddy waters songs.

  16. Well our thoughts on the music and instruments that are used in a very different way to how some of us might play on.
    The blues originated on Southern Plantations in the 19tth century.

    • This song is not our taste because this song is more of a very rock and roll type of song.We liked the fist song more,as there is a larger range of instruments .
      By Aisha,Harvey and Matthew

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