6 Red’s Arty Afternoon

Creativity, teamwork , resilience and individuality are some of the values to describe our art lesson.
We worked together to scale up our disaster scenes, which are inspired by famous artist Jave Yoshimoto.

5 responses to “6 Red’s Arty Afternoon”

  1. Afreen S.

    It was a great afternoon! I loved drawing and starting off our big sketch.

  2. Kaif B.

    I really loved doing the drawing and colouring our artwork it. It was nice afternoon!!!

  3. Manvi R.

    I had fun drawing the art and sketching!

  4. Muhammad B.

    It was a very good afternoon since we were very creative in our art piece I was really proud of our artwork because it stands out and looks nice

  5. Surinder J.

    I had so much fun today! I loved drawing and colouring our artwork.

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